The New Silk Road

Georgia and the new Silk Road. OceanNet has a big role in these new developments.

Georgia is serious about positioning itself as a key partner within the New Silk Road, the initiative to revitalise the old Silk Road. With the construction of a new seaport in Anaklia, Georgia will become an attractive link between Asia and Europe. With this move, economic ties between Georgia and China will be greatly strengthened and several US and Chinese companies are developing major businesses in Georgia. OceanNet welcomes these developments and with our knowledge of transport in this region, we will soon offer new opportunities.

In the near future, the construction of a new Silk Road in China means unique collaborative projects for transport to and from Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Kazakhstan. With Georgia’s Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (DCFTA) with the EU, it will become a logistics hub connecting Asia to the EU and beyond. Naturally, OceanNet plays an important role in these plans.

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