Our team of specialists is at your service 24/7 to help you with your logistics needs and questions. We are your partner for all your global logistics needs. You want goods transported from A to B? OceanNet takes care of it: quickly, efficiently, and effectively. Our professionals have only one goal in mind: to deliver what we promise, to do what has been agreed with you!

The team of employees has plenty of local knowledge. Knowledge of local conditions, regulations and legislation and many other issues that may affect your transport. The Caucasus and the entire hinterland hold no secrets for us at all as we have our own branches here. An absolute must.

We have long supported the Heart Foundation and our employees frequently take part in all kinds of local initiatives. We lend a helping hand wherever possible. We also sponsor the Drechstreek and Papendrecht football clubs.

All our employees are listed below:

Every request for the transport of goods is taken seriously and addressed professionally. We will recommend the most optimal and cost-efficient solution. Whether this solution is standard or tailored to the customer.

Importantly for you, OceanNet’s flexibility is the basis for achieving every customer request. Making every customer’s wish become a reality. That is our ultimate goal. We are a total solution provider.

Saying no is not an option for OceanNet! We are always here for you! We hate bureaucratic hassle. OceanNet stands for short lines of communication. In everything. For example, we can assist our clients locally, in their own language.

No matter what, your transport needs to be taken care of properly. You must be satisfied. Nothing more and nothing less. At OceanNet, that’s what we work on, every minute of every day!